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I create contemporary lamps & lampshades using artisan decorative papers from around the world. Resulting in a unique product for the customer and helping to sustain the art & craft of papermaking & printing around the world.

Lampshades are suitable as pendant shades, table and floor lamps. Elegant tube lamps made using beautiful opaque papers.

**I have items ready for sale and also make to order from paper designs that are marked with a "custom made option". I am able to adapt the height of the shade if required, please use the contacts page to enquire about this extra customised service.**

There are three sizes available for most designs:
Large 40cm Diameter by 25cm High
Medium 25cm Diameter by 20cm High
Small 20cm Diameter by 18cm High
Cylinder 15cm by various sizes

*other sizes custom made to order

**Use the contact page in the shop if you can't find what you are looking for, I may be able to help**

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