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Firebird Feathers

Image of Firebird Feathers


A large drum shade 40cm diameter x 20cm height. (16" x 8")

Stunning Chiyogami paper from Japan.

This design is based on the petals of the chrysanthemum, symbolic in Japanese culture. Deep pink with golden & yellow highlights and white petals form a swirling pattern on a pale green background. Highlighted with subtle gold outline this shade is elegant and unusual. Equally at home in a traditional and contemporary setting.

Made using Chiyogami Paper from Japan. Each sheet is hand silk-screen printed requiring a separate screen that is hand-registered for each colour that appears in a pattern. The technique gives the paper a unique quality, you can sometimes feel and see the different layers of print giving added depth to the pattern.

The inks used on these papers are very light fast and the vibrant colours will last, the paper is also very durable. The shade is made from two pieces of paper and therfore has 2 seams. The shade has hand rolled edges.

Please contact me if you are interested in a custom order for a different size.

N.B Shipping:
Unfortunately due to the size of this large shade shipping works out fairly expensive if you live outside Europe. Although light in weight the price reflects cargo space. I have done my best to subsidise the prices, if you have any queries regarding shipping please email me.